About the School


Term 1 (77 Days)

Month Important Dates
August 2018 12th : HM Queen's Birthday, 13th HM Queen's Birthday (Compensation)
15th-17th : Inset Days
20th : Start of Term 1 SY 2018-2019
October 2018 13th : King Rama IX Memorial Day
15th : King Rama IX Memorial Day (Compensation)
23rd : Chulalongkorn Day (King Rama V), 22nd-28th Half Term Break
November 2018 22nd : Loy Kratong Day
December 2018 5th : HM King Rama IX's Birthday (Father's Day)
10th : Constitution Day
17th Dec. - 4th Jan (Christmas and New Year Holiday)
31th : New Year's Eve (Public Holiday)

Term 2 (60 days)

Month Important Dates
January 2019 1st : New Year's Day (Public Holiday)
2nd - 3rd : Inset Days
4th : PTC Day (Students are not in School)
7th : Start of Term 2 SY2018-2019
February 2019 5th : Chinese new Year
18th - 24th : Half Term Break
19th : Makha Bucha Day
April 2019 6th : King Rama I Memorial (Chakri Day)
8th : Chakri Day(Compensation)
8th - 21st : Half Term Break and Songkran Holidays

Term 3 (47 days)

Month Important Dates
April 2019 22nd : Start of Term 3,
26th : PTC Day (Students are not in School)
May 2019 1st : Labour Day
18th : Visakha Bucha day (Public Holiday)
20th : Visakha Bucha day (Compensation)
June 2019 28th End of Term 3

Summer School Programe 2019

Month Important Dates
July 2019 8th Start of Summer School Programme 2019
16th : Arsarnha Bucha Day, 17th Buddhist Lent
28th : HM King Rama X Birthday
29th : HM King Rama X Birthday (Compensation)
August 2019 12th : HM Queen's Birthday
14th - 16th : Inset Days
19th : Start of Term 1 SY 2019-2020

This academic calendar shall be updated and or revised in accordance with the Thai government's pronouncements on public holidays.

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