About the School

Introducing RC

Our focus is on learners' intellectual, physical, emotional and social, cultural, artistic, and moral development

The history of our school starts in 1998 with the purchase of a small kindergarten called Educare. At that time, there were about 50 students. The name was changed to Ruam Rudee Learning Centre to reflect the new ownership. Our student base quickly grew to over a hundred in 2001 when we opened Primary and Secondary Years. This division was named RC International School. In 2004, a new building was constructed and a swimming pool was added to accommodate the growing number of students.

We now have about 150 students and continue to attract more every year.

We believe that for children to become fully functional and active participants of the community, they must be developed holistically. Our mission is to help develop young learners' full potential by providing the highest-quality education through child-centred learning in a relaxed, secure, and caring environment. Following the British Curriculum with an international perspective, our mission is central to our philosophy of development of the child as a whole.

Our Teachers and Students

All the teachers employed at our school are qualified professionals with appropriate degrees and years of experience. Most of our teachers have worked here for many years.

We currently have approximately 150 students from 24 different countries. We ensure that our students develop an awareness and appreciation of cultural differences. Students of all nationalities and religions are welcome and are treated equally in our school.


RC International School and Ruam Rudee Learning & Day Care Centres have been awarded a licence from the Ministry of Education of Thailand to operate as an International School. This licence is the first step towards full accreditation from local and international accrediting organisations.

RC International School is a member of the International Schools' Association of Thailand (ISAT). It is affiliated with the Qualifications and Curriculum Development Authority, U.K. and the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER), Australia.

RC International School and Ruam Rudee Learning & Day Care Centres are accredited by the Office for National Education Standards and Quality Assessment (ONESQA or Sor Mor Sor).